No 48 – Your Colourful Mind – THE Fabric painting meeting point – is celebrating 6 months of exciting activities

Today it’s time to celebrate!

Your Colourful Mind – our fabric painting hot spot – happily announces its 6-months-anniversary!  🙂

Dear friends of Your Colourful Mind

Yes, there definitely is reason to celebrate:

It’s more than 6 months that we have been coming together on a regular basis to discuss fabric painting matters and to learn from each other!


Our fabric painting meeting place “opened its doors” on 20th November 2015 when the website Your Colourful Minwas launched and the first blog post was published: NO 1 – WELCOME TO THE NEW FABRIC PAINTERS’ MEETING PLACE.

The definition of the website’s purpose and goal hasn’t changed since its launch date:

The idea is to develop one central location for fabric painters
  • where we can meet and get to know each other,
  • where information and motivation can be found,
  • where techniques and materials can be discussed,
  • and where personal experiences and skills can be shared.”
Over the past 6 months, Your Colourful Minhas not only survived, it has permanently grown and developed its profile:
  • The amount of posts published has gone from zero to 48 (one to two posts each week)! – Have a look at the List of all posts to get an overview of all the issues we have talked about so far.
  • The group of monthly visitors – including YOU today – has grown from nobody to 2500 people! Thank YOU for coming around! 🙂
  • The archive of Your Comments on our website which serves as a guestbook already lists more than 100 discussion contributions!
  • The number of design contributions from you, the visitors at, has developed from zero to 12! A big Thank You goes to our 8 contributors!  –  Get inspired by the project contributions from
  • Additionally, 7 fabric painting design idea examples have been published so far (Posts No 19, No 20, No 21, No 23, No 24, No 26, and No 27).
  • And our comprehensive discussion of the pros and cons of fabric painting compared to Adult Colouring Books (Posts No 29, No 30 and No 47) resulted in the presentation of 10 further design ideas (Posts No 31, No 33, No 34, No 36, No 38, No 41, No 42, No 43, No 44 and No 46).
  • The gallery of images of all our projects, therefore, has grown from none to nearly 100 items! Have a look!
  • We also started to study some basic information on fabric painting. We, for example, increased our knowledge of
    • fabric painting techniques (Broad overview in Post No 5)
    • the choice and preparation of suitable fabric and apparel items for our projects (Posts No 12 and No 15)
    • the general preparation and equipment necessities of a fabric painting project (Post No 17)
    • some helpful ideas to develop creative designs (Post No 18) or to overcome creative blockades (Post No 28)
  • And we have created two collections of resources:
    • On our website we began to compile a list of useful books and other publications on fabric painting (have a look at Resources)
    • and on Pinterest we opened different boards which help us to collect useful images and links we find on the Internet (

This broad overview of our activities makes clear that we definitely can be proud of the development and the progress Your Colourful Minhas managed to make!

But, of course, the successful steps we have made so far are just the beginning. 🙂
Now it is time to plan how we wish to go forward with our fabric painting activities.

It might be a good idea to create a second list which we can use as a guideline for future projects and discussion points.

Upcoming project series and learning areas:
  • Series: Fabric painting techniques

The focus so far has been on “dry” techniques and the direct application of thick fabric paint, e.g. stencilling, stamping and free-hand painting. Additionally, we have used fabric sprays and markers.

We now will have a look at further techniques, for example “wet” techniques such as the many ways of watercolouring.

The range of fabric painting techniques is actually limitless, we will enjoy experimenting with many of them.

  • Series: Fabric painting supplies

We also have to learn a lot about the equipment and the tools which are necessary to apply different techniques and to create different effects. It’s a precondition of the effective use of, for example, paintbrushes, spray bottles, stencilling tools, stamp production, that we know how to choose and to use them.

  • Series: Fabric painting suppliers

Usually, it’s not so easy to collect information on the different brands of fabric painting paints and supplies, and to find out how and where we can find and buy our equipment.

The idea is to compile – over time – a kind of directory of manufacturers and retailers, and online-suppliers.

  • Series: Learning effects from fabric painting projects

Often especially those projects that don’t go well, those where we do something wrong and end up with unexpected or dissatisfying results, are those that offer us the biggest learning opportunities and insights.

Therefore, we should share and discuss our failures and mistakes.

  • Series: Guest posts on fabric painting issues

Another option to make progress in skills development is to learn from experts.

We plan to invite experts such as experienced fiber artists and fabric surface designers to share their knowledge and tips with us in guest posts.

  • Series: Fabric painting design contributions

We, of course, will continue presenting your fabric painting project contributions.

By sending images of your recent work, you help other visitors at Your Colourful Mind to get inspired and find new design ideas.

  • Series: Fabric painting design ideas, and Fabric Colouring-in Design ideas

We intend to continually add fabric painting images to our Gallery and develop it into a permanently growing pool of project examples.

Thus, whenever we get stuck we will be able to find design ideas we can use for experimenting and learning.

  • Series: Background information on fabric painting

From time to time, we plan to offer some general information, e.g. on the history of fabric painting, or the use of fabric painting in different cultures, etc.

We will also collect information on new fabric painting publications or websites and other resources.


Do you have additional suggestions we should add to our list? Please, share your thoughts in the comments-form below or send your email to

And, if you haven’t done so, it might be a good idea to  SIGN UP TO RECEIVE NEW BLOG POSTS VIA EMAIL . That way you make sure that you don’t miss any new information or tips or project presentations.

I am looking forward to meeting you again, here, at Your Colourful Mind, the fabric painter’s meeting point,

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3 thoughts on “No 48 – Your Colourful Mind – THE Fabric painting meeting point – is celebrating 6 months of exciting activities”

  1. Anna Pitt says:

    Hi there, great to hear about your plans to offer more information on paints etc Was waiting for that. Would appreciate more guidelines and how to do instructions. thank you, Anna

  2. Hi Margot,

    that is an amazing amount of work that you have done. And always new ideas. Looking forward to next months to come.

    Best Ferdie

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