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No 28 – What can you do if you get stuck in your fabric painting activities

Dear friends of Your Colourful Mind,

Sometimes it happens:

Our fabric painting activities come to a standstill and we get stuck:
  • no new design ideas or inspirations,
  • no fabric painting project on the way,
  • no energy and motivation left.


What can we do if we get stuck?

First of all: Accept that you are experiencing something very well-known to any creative person:

If you feel under pressure to produce something new (ideas, designs, products), you won’t be able to produce anything at all.
You can’t force yourself to have a good idea!
So, if you get stuck, take a break.  🙂

Put your fabric painting stuff away and do something else. Go out for a walk, read a nice book, meet a friend. When you come back, you will feel fit and energized again and able to continue generating good ideas.

What you can do to refill the pool of fabric painting project ideas:
  • Sit down and go through the ideas you have collected in the past and sift through them. Toss out the ones you no longer like and decide on those you wish to work on in one of your next projects.
  • Also go through your finished projects (or the images of them) and sort them into different groups: Which ones do you like most? Why? Which ones are failures in your eyes? Why? What would you like to do/try again? What would you like to do differently?
  • Take out some blank sheets of paper and start with some sketches or some doodling, – just fill the pages with little layouts, and change them again and again.
  • Decide to keep your design simple, pick one idea and execute it with the fewest elements as possible.
  • Place limitations on yourself, e.g. limit yourself to one colour or to only one pattern.
  • Think about your favourite styles (e.g. geometric patterns) or motifs (e.g. flowers) and play around with some sketches.
  • Arrange a joint fabric painting session with another fabric painter.
Just sharing these episodes of lost fun and energy often helps a lot, – do you have similar experiences you wish to share with us?

I wish you much fun with fabric painting!

Enjoy Your Colourful Mind!

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4 thoughts on “No 28 – What can you do if you get stuck in your fabric painting activities”

  1. brigitte lange says:

    toll dass Sie ansprechen was man machen kann wenn es NICHT läuft! Ich finde es oft nicht einfach, Ideen zu finden. Danke für Ihre Tipps.
    Viele Grüsse,
    B Lange

  2. Hey Margot,

    did you use any specific colours to paint the shoes? I painted my chucks, turned out well, but the colours still rub off on my socks. Any ideas to avoid that? Thanx.

    Colourful regards,

    1. Hi Beth,
      I used regular fabric paint and fabric markers for all of my shoe-painting projects. The challenge here is that you cannot use heat setting: ironing is usually not possible because the iron would damage the non-fabric parts of the shoes and putting them in the oven is also no option. My solution is to wait a long time after painting before I put the shoes on so that the paint is really and completely dry. So far, I didn’t have any problems but have to admit that I haven’t used the painted shoes in heavy rainy weather.
      With regard to your problem: It’s new to me because in my projects the paint was applied only on the outside of the shoes and didn’t go through to the inner side. I assume there is no other solution than wearing dark-coloured socks with your painted shoes. 🙁
      Whenever you feel happy about about sharing your designs, – I will be happy to publish them here! 🙂
      Enjoy Your Colourful Mind,

      1. You could try using a hairdryer to apply heat to the painted sections of fabric & avoid any other parts of your project which the temperature could possibly effect.

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