No 1 – Welcome to the new fabric painters’ meeting place

Dear visitor,

Welcome to this very first post on Your Colourful Mind!

It is also the first post I have ever written in my life and thus this is a quite exciting experience for me! It is a somehow strange feeling, sitting in front of an empty piece of paper, nervously searching and waiting for the first words and sentences to come out of my mind.

But that’s o.k., starting from scratch is never easy,  and it always needs a first bold step to get going off.

Writing this first post is my first step, – the journey of Your Colourful Mind starts now!

This website has one main focus: fabric painting.

In WHY I AM HERE I explain how the idea to establish a meeting point around fabric painting came up, and in THE IDEA BEHIND YOUR COLOURFUL MIND I summarize the motivation behind it:

The idea is to develop one central location for fabric painters
  • where we can meet and get to know each other,
  • where information and motivation can be found,
  • where techniques and materials can be discussed,
  • and where personal experiences and skills can be shared.

Thus, as I emphasize in LET’S COME TOGETHER, the website actually is not just about fabric painting. It is also not just about fabric painting and me. It is about fabric painting and you and me.

“Blogging isn’t just about publishing. It’s about sharing, community, and connecting.”
(Source: The Editors,, (2014), Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog,The Daily Post)

After having done the first step today, I am now looking forward to taking the next steps necessary to keep the site alive.

Its future, nevertheless, depends on whether I will be successful in motivating you to get on board.

Get engaged with Your Colourful Mind!

During the following weeks I will try to make sure that you can rely on finding interesting information related to fabric painting every time you visit Your Colourful Mind.

Every week you come along, you should be able to find something you can think about, you can look at, you can talk about, – ideally something you can take along when you move on.

Over time, you will, hopefully, feel more and more comfortable at this new fabric painters’ meeting place, and, if everything goes well, you will become more and more involved in the project.

What’s the plan for the next weeks?

I plan to publish at least one post every week.

These are some of the issues I wish to arrange the coming posts around:

  • Sharing experiences and images of fabric painting design projects
    Although I am definitely no expert in fabric painting, I do have some years of experience in colouring my t-shirts and other clothes.I will share images of what I have done so far and report on the different techniques I have used. It would be great if I could soon also present some of your ideas and finished designs.
  • The relaxing effects of fabric painting
    Fabric painting has positive effects on my mind, somehow it makes it more colourful :). I feel relaxed and can easier put any feeling of stress aside as soon as I sit down and start thinking about my next painting idea. Based on that personal experience, I am interested in doing some research on the relaxing effects of fabric painting and to write about my findings. It will also be very interesting to hear about your experiences in this regard.
  • Adult colouring books – Similarities and differences to fabric painting
    The advantages of stress reduction and increased relaxation are, of course, not restricted to fabric painting. The sale of adult colouring books has become successful in Australia as in many other countries. Many of the followers of this new trend say that they use colouring books as an easy way to clear their mind and relax. I plan to find out more about the colouring books trend and will try to compare its pros and cons with those of fabric painting.
  • The history of fabric painting
    The history of fabric painting is another issue I am interested in. I don’t know whether it will be difficult to learn about how fabric painting developed over time and in different cultures, but I will give it a try to find some facts and stories about it.
  • Opinion and knowledge exchange with other bloggers
    During my searching on the internet I didn’t find a website which focuses on fabric painting (that’s why I decided to launch this site) but I found many blogs from very creative people. And some of them from time to time do some painting on fabrics and they write about it in their posts or produce how-to-do videos. I intend to contact these creative minds and will ask them to contribute some knowledge and info to Your Colourful Mind.
  • My learning journey in the world of social media
    Currently, I don’t feel very much at home on social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. But I know that Your Colourful Minwill become an active participant in any social circle that offers the opportunity to get to know fabric painting activists and prospects. I will share the learning process in the social media arena on the blog. And hope that you will support me with advice and criticism.

Some weeks from now, I (we) will know  which of these post ideas worked out well and which came out not so nicely. And, hopefully, I will have some feedback from you, and some suggestions and ideas the blog should work around.

The next – the second! – post (Post No 2) at the end of next week will tell you my personal fabric painting story: when, why, and how I started to use painting on fabrics to colour in my mind. And I will explain why I named this website Your Colourful Mind.

Hope to see you next week,
and wish you a good time,

signature margot

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