Welcome to Your Colourful Mind!

 Have you ever thought

of Fabric Painting
as a creative and productive alternative
to Adult Colouring Books?


Find out how to Relax Creatively with fabric painting. – CLICK HERE.
Find an answer to the question: Is fabric painting YOUR thing? – CLICK HERE.


Bring  colour into your wardrobe!
And into your mind & life! 🙂
Have fun!



13 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hello Margot,
    I don’t know anything about Pinterest. But I like that board. Will have to get to know pinterest. TC

    1. Hi TC,
      thanks for your comment! Yes, Pinterest is very useful. I have started to work with it recently and really enjoy to collect painting ideas and other useful information so easily! I thought, I give it a try and publish one board on my website. I might from time to time exchange it for another board.

      1. TC, if you click on the button “Follow me on Pinterest” you can have a look at my other boards on Pinterest.
        Cheers, Margot

  2. Ines Holzfurtner says:

    Liebe Margot, was für eine tolle website. Meine Mädchen lieben Stoffmalerei. Freu mich schon auf interessante Beiträge und Tips. Schicke ein paar Fotos von ihren Kunstwerken. LG Ines

  3. Maria Comisel says:

    Liebe Margot, ich habe deine Werke gesehen und bin sehr begeistert. Kann ich dir auch in meiner Sprache Fragen stellen ??
    Im neuen Jahr werde ich es auch versuchen und bin gespannt,
    wie es wird.
    Dir wünsche ich ein kreatives Jahr

    1. Liebe Maria,
      vielen Dank fuer Dein Feedback!
      Du bist die erste, die mir in Deutsch geschrieben hat, und ich habe mich nun entschieden, dass ich mich ueber deutsche Kommentare und Beitraege genauso freue wie ueber die englischen Zuschriften.
      Jetzt bin ich gespannt auf Deine ersten Versuche im Bereich Stoffmalerei. Bitte schick dann Fotos Deiner Kreationen per email, damit wir sie hier bei Your Colourful Mind veroeffentlichen koennen.
      Viel Spass mit fabric painting und ein gutes Jahr 2016 wuenscht Dir

  4. Hi Margot,

    I like your website and the idea of a meeting point for sharing experiences. You are probably wearing your own painted T-shirts? Any problems with washing them? Reactions from others?

    Cheers, Ferdie

    1. Hi Ferdie,
      nice you came around to Your Colourful Mind!
      Yes, I wear my painted shirts and t-shirts. It’s always a good feeling to know that nobody else is running around with the same design. And yes, people do realize this, and quite often I am asked where I got my shirt. – If you use quality fabric paints and apply and fix them in a proper way, the clothes are machine washable, no problem.

  5. Happy that I found your block!
    Great that you startet this project!
    I have startet experimenting with fabric painting some months ago, needing a present for a friend, sending her a selfmade Tshirt.
    After reading your block, I am now inspired to try again.
    It will be great to share experiences in future!

    1. Hi Jaypi,
      thanks a lot for sending your comment, – the first on this site!
      Yes, I am sure it will be fun to share experiences. Let’s start with yours!
      If you sent an image of the t-shirt you designed for your friend, I would be happy to publish it here. Don’t forget to explain how you did it and which tools/equipment you used.
      I am not sure whether images can be sent as a comment, it might be better to send it via email to margot@your-colourful-mind.com.
      Cheers, Margot

      1. Hi Margot,
        I will send you a foto of my first designed t-shirt by mail.
        You can see, I didn’t use a lot of tools. I bought a t-shirt and some textil painters in different colours of red and rates, found an example for a mandala in a magazine and used it as a model.
        Can you help me, I am interested in others techniques, for example with spray? Is that easier?
        Cheers, Jaypi

        1. Hi Jaypi,
          I’ve got your email with the t-shirt picture, thanks a lot! I am thinking about installing a “Gallery”-page where we can present all images, those from this site and those sent by visitors to Your Colourful Mind.
          Beginning of next year I’ll start a series of posts on different techniques, fabric spraying will be discussed, too. Spraying is easy and can be used is so many different ways, – you will see! 🙂

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