No 22 – Invitation: Visit Your Colourful Mind at Glebe or Bondi Markets

Dear friends of Your Colourful Mind,
The fabric painting website Your Colourful Minis a “child” of the internet.

In the era of the Internet, we actually don’t have to leave our home to socialize and meet other people.

Besides the “old-fashioned” mailing and telephone services, nowadays websites and blogs and the different social media offer a broad range of different ways to get in contact with other people and to share interests and activities.

Your Colourful Mind is a “child” of this era. The website/blog is built on digital foundations and doesn’t need a real brick-and-mortar location to meet with its visitors and friends.

And communication and information sharing based on posting, commenting and emailing works well for Your Colourful Mind.
Your Colourful Mind  needs some direct and real communication

Nevertheless, the website was created and is run from and for human beings, “real” people. And from time to time, I miss the more direct contact and exchange of a real-life get-together, a meeting in person.

So when I visited one of the weekend markets which regularly take place in different suburbs of Sydney, I thought it might be a good idea to book a stall for Your Colourful Minand present some fabric paintings to get in contact with people.

In direct conversations more or other issues might come up that can help me to arrange the website even closer around the interests of fabric painters.

Some hand-painted and unique t-shirts are on offer at Glebe and Bondi Markets.

Another point was that in my endeavor to learn different fabric painting techniques and to test different materials, I have produced many more t-shirts than I personally can make use of.

Offering some of them on a market will help me to understand what people like and what they are not interested in.

I visited different weekend markets and decided to book a stall

And now, after some weeks of preparations, the bookings have been made, the invitations are sent out! (See above)

Maybe, you are in the area and interested to come around? 🙂

I would love to welcome you at Your Colourful Mind‘s  stall in Glebe or Bondi!


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3 thoughts on “No 22 – Invitation: Visit Your Colourful Mind at Glebe or Bondi Markets”

  1. brigitte lange says:

    Schade, dass Sie nicht in Deutschland sind. So einen Stand von Ihnen würde ich gerne besuchen.
    Viele Grüsse,
    B Lange

  2. I thought your website is an online network. But now you have a presentation on arts & crafts markets?
    confused Andy

    1. Hi Andy,
      Thanks a lot for your feedback!
      And yes, I can understand your confusion.
      It’s right, Your Colourful Mind is an online network, the meeting point for fabric painters on the Internet.
      And it is not my intention to book regularly stalls at weekend markets.
      But I thought I give it a try and see whether I can get in personal contact with people who share my interest, fabric painting.
      I also wish to find out which kind of paintings on fabrics are popular or could become popular and which are not attractive to others. I get a lot of positive feedback about my designs by email, but would those people also like to WEAR a garment with fabric painting designs? – This is one of the questions I wish to follow up at the markets. I just hope I afterwards will better understand others who share my fabric painting interest.
      Will you be around in Glebe or Bondi? Would be nice to talk to you!
      And I will share my experiences with you here at Your Colourful Mind.

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