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No 3 – Using fabric painting to create special gifts for people who are special to us

Dear blog-reader,

Hello and welcome again, to the third post on Your Colourful Mind!

Here are some news to share:
  • Your Colourful Mind had some great days because the first comments and feedback-emails came in!
    Although I haven’t done much marketing for the website yet, somehow the first visitors came along, stayed a bit and some decided to click the “Leave a Reply”-button! Thanks a lot, Jaypi, Rena and Ferdi, for getting in contact! And an extra special thanks goes to Jaypi who also sent an email with an example of her fabric painting projects.
  • I will soon start a series of posts reporting on the fabric painting designs that you decide to share with Your Colourful Mind and the visitors on the site. Jaypi’s work will be the first to be presented.

Desperate to find a special and personal gift for a friend or family member? What about a fabric painting project?

Sure, not everyone likes to wear self-painted clothes.
Your teenage-son, for example, might refuse to wear a shirt hand-painted by his mum. And your mother-in-law might not be the right person for a colourful self-painted t-shirt.

But there is a chance that you son would be happy about a new pillow with a painted pillowcase specially designed for him. And it could be that your mother-in-law would proudly present to her friends a table cloth which was personally created for her by her daughter-in-law. 🙂

And I assume there are many other people around you who  would be very happy and proud if they got a piece of clothing or fabric that you had invested a lot of creativity and time in.

A very simple idea is to exchange the gift wrapping paper with a self-painted/-coloured bag, – this immediately gives our presents a more personal touch!

Fabric Painting - Bag1 - 04-12-15-011-YCM

Increase your own happiness by creating unique fabric paintings for others

My experience is that the process of deliberately creating something special for a person close to me can itself become a happiness-producing activity.

Some years ago, when one of my “sisters-weekends” had been scheduled, I spent long but very happy hours with preparing shirts for my four sisters: I took jeans-shirts and painted simple shapes on them,  using a different colour for each shirt.

denim shirt - fabric painting desgin
Post 3 – shirts for sisters
denim shirt - fabric painting design
Post 3 – shirts for sisters
denim shirt - fabric painting design
Post 3 – shirts for sisters
denim shirt - fabric painting design
Post 3 – shirts for sisters
denim shirt - fabric painting design
Post 3 – shirts for sisters

I am actually not sure how often my sisters are still wearing their shirts but I am always glad when I “meet” mine in the wardrobe. It reminds me of the relaxing and joyful time I spent with getting the shirts painted. And it reminds me of my sisters and our “colourful” weekend together.

Let others do the fabric painting work for you! 🙂

Last week I told you how I came in contact with fabric painting: I am still very proud of the painted shirts created by my nieces and nephews. In that case, I organized the shirts and paints myself. But I didn’t mind the effort because I got something unique and personal in exchange.

You, too, could think about who you could ask to paint something on an item of clothing for you. Let your kids become little artists “producing” artwork for you. Or maybe you have a friend who is really good at painting. Perhaps she/he would enjoy creating a design on a piece of clothing for you? In all these cases, you might have to organize/buy the equipment but you would also be the one who gets rewarded by something special from someone special.

These are only a few ideas how we can combine our interest in fabric paining with strengthening our relationships with others.

Do you have similar or different ideas/experiences you would like to share? Send an email or use the comments form!

Planning next week

Recently I received an email from someone I got to know three weeks ago saying that she would like to give fabric painting a try. But, as she says, she has “no clue about paints, textiles, designs and techniques etc.”

I am actually happy about her point because it confirms me in my plan to develop a central location where all information and knowledge about fabric painting is being collected and can be easily shared.

We will soon (Post No 5start a series about techniques of fabric painting. I will first give a broad overview, and then in further posts I will describe the different techniques in more detail.

Please, let me know which other issues related to fabric painting you would like to discuss.

Have a good time,
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2 thoughts on “No 3 – Using fabric painting to create special gifts for people who are special to us”

  1. Hey Margot, 

    I just sent you a photo – set of colour pens –
    a present for my godchild. Wouldn’t it be great  if one could buy something similar for adults?! Like a starter set, maybe with different colours/paints? Do you know where to get it?

    Busy on colours, Rena 

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