No 74 – Series: Fabric Painting Techniques – Stamping, Part 1

No need to invest money – get some circular stamps for free!

Dear friends of Your Colourful Mind,

The last three posts presented fabric painting projects which had one common background:

they all used stamping/printmaking for the design-creation:

  • We used a very simple hand-carved rubber-block stamp to print on a spray-painted t-shirt (Post No 71),
  • we experienced a funny and a bit messy way to transfer colours to the fabric when we applied the plastic-bag-printing technique (Post No 72),
  • and we created an Australian map with the help of stamped little dots (Post No 73).

Our stamping experience is not restricted to those three projects; we experimented with fabric stamping already some time ago:

  • We used a commercial stamp to create patterns on a t-shirt (Post No 36),
  • got some experience in fruit-/vegetable-stamping (Posts No 40, No 49, No 56),
  • and in nature printing (Post No 53),
  • and we created self-carved eraser stamps (Posts No 36, No 40).
We will use the coming posts to get deeper into fabric stamping, in a more structured way.

What is fabric stamping?

Fabric stamping is an easy and fast way to create attractive embellishments on fabric items.

We apply paint to an object, the stamp, which is then pressed onto the fabric, leaving a patterns or other designs on it as soon as we lift the stamp again.

We can use any object with a flat and even surface as a stamp.

  • Stamps can be bought in craft stops,
  • and we can also make our own stamps, for example cutting foam sheets or carving rubber blocks.
  • But we actually don’t have to spend much money, time or effort to create stamps.
  • Some stamps are even for free!

The easiest way to create stamps

The absolute easiest way is to look around at our homes and collect everyday objects

  • which are suitable to be used directly for stamping,
  • or which we can attach to a stamp base to compose a stamp.
Today we have a closer look at the first simple-stamp-creation method:

Using simple-object stamps

We can find many objects at home – in the kitchen drawers, on the desk, in the tools box, in the garden – which have a shape and a surface suitable for taking up paint.

Whenever we think an object could be usable as a stamp, we can make a test-print on paper.

Here are some examples of collected household items and their test-prints:


Stamping with circular household items

A simple shape like a circle can help us to create colourful designs.

The stamps used in this project didn’t cost a cent.

I used plastic bottle caps, cardboard rolls and eraser tips.


The stamping was easy because it was not necessary to use a paint applicator such as a paint or sponge brush.

Instead, I just rubbed my little objects through the paint blobs on the plates, and then pressed them on the t-shirt.


This worked well with all of the three different kinds of circular stamps.

I got a very colourful t-shirt! 🙂



What’s your experience with stamping? Do you use commercial stamps or do you create your own?

Please, share images of you work with us! (Send them to margot@your-colourful-mind.com).


Next time  we will discuss the different ways of stamp-creation in more detail.

Not only the stamps from today’s project are easy to make, – it’s also easy to make sure that you don’t miss the next post(s): SIGN UP TO OUR BLOG TO RECEIVE A SHORT EMAIL WHEN A NEW POST IS PUBLISHED.


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