No 70 – Series: Fabric Painting Supplies – Special Fabric Paints, Part 3 – Fabric Spray Paint

Fabric Spray Paint – A flexible way to create & enhance designs/backgrounds on fabric

Dear friends of Your Colourful Mind,

This is the last post of our little series on special fabric paints.

In the first two posts of the series we focused on fabric markers (Post No 68) and fabric liners (Post No 69).

Now we discuss the characteristics and application opportunities of fabric spray paint.

What is fabric spray paint and how do we apply it?

Fabric spray paints belong to the category of special fabric paints which are designed for and inseparably combined with a special application method, – in this case the spraying method.

Fabric spray paint comes in bottles which contain thin paint. We can buy fabric spray or prepare our own in a plastic bottle with a spray nozzle.

Depending on the spraying distance (and the nozzle size), we can create fine spray mist or an intense colour layer.

The spray mist will not only land on your fabric but also on the surfaces around it. 🙁

Thus it’s very important to cover the working area well with newspapers or an old blanket or similar.

And if we work outside, we should be aware that windy conditions can make accurate spraying difficult to impossible: the spray mist is carried away with the wind. 🙂

How can we use fabric spray paint in fabric painting projects?

Fabric spray paint is ideal for freehand spraying, stencilling and some other techniques.

It offers many different opportunities for the creation of unique designs or for the embellishment of apparel (and décor).

  • Fabric spray can be used to paint large areas of fabric evenly. 

This is especially useful if you wish to paint on a light-coloured fabric but need a more colourful background.

We spray the whole fabric or parts of it with one or more spray paints, and let the paint layer dry before we apply another technique on it.

  • Fabric spray paint can be used to change/correct the colour of our clothes.

Some time ago we have already seen how easy it is to give our clothes a new outlook with the help of spray paint (Post No 25).

And it also supports us if we are not so happy with the results of our fabric painting projects (Post No 11).

  • Fabric spray can be used to create resist effects

with the help of stencils, masking tape or pieces of cardboard and other objects which are placed on the fabric.

In this case, certain areas are omitted when spraying, which allows to create patterns and designs in an easy and quick way.

Have a look at some examples in Post No 13 and No 66.

We should make sure that the stencilling materials lie flat on the fabric (e.g. by using a stencil adhesive spray) to avoid paint slipping under the stencil,

And before we start spraying, we have to cover those areas on the fabric with papers that are not to be painted.

  • Fabric spray paint can be used to apply tie dye techniques

We first tie off individual sections of the fabric with cotton threads, then spray the fabric with one or several colours and leave it to dry. After drying we remove the threads.

And repeat the spraying process if we want stronger effects.

The next post will present an example of the tie dye technique.

How do we set the spray paint?

We should strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions because they strongly differ from one brand to the other.

Some brands offer sprays which don’t have to be heat-set and are set after 3 days of drying time. Other allow heat-setting in the oven or suggest ironing.

Get inspired, have a look at the “Fabric Spraying Projects” in our Gallery!


The following examples will also be added to the Gallery:





The next post will present two further spray paint project examples.

In both cases we will first apply fabric spray paint to create a nice and colourful background before we then use stamps and stencils to add a pattern design.


What are your experiences with fabric spray paints? Would you like to share them with us?

Please, send images of your work to margot@your-colourful-mind.com.

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