3 thoughts on “No 72 – Series: Fabric Painting Design Ideas – Plastic bag printing”

  1. Ashla Rawel says:

    Good ideas of stamping Please give some idea on painting a dress

    1. Hi Ashla,
      stamping is very suitable to paint/print larger areas of fabric, thus creating a stamp is a good option if you wish to paint a dress.
      You can use only one stamp and one paint colour, or more stamps and colours in one project.
      I suggest that you experiment with different stamps on an old piece of cloth first. Get a feeling for the stamps and how they can help you to create patterns.
      And, please, send a photo of your fabric painting project to me so that we can publish it here on the website. Send it to margot@your-colourful-mind.com
      Have fun with your dress-painting project!

  2. Hi Margot,

    again, that looks great and very innovative and flashy.

    Best Ferdi

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