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No 4 – T-shirt with mandala – A birthday present for a friend

Hello everyone, 🙂

Welcome to the first post of our new series:
Reporting on the fabric painting designs that you, the friends of  Your Colourful Mind, wish to share with other visitors of our website.

I thought it might be a good idea to structure the reports always the same way. That will make it easier for all of us to understand the idea behind the projects, and how the final design evolved through the creative process.

We can also learn which materials and tools were used and which techniques were applied.

Some personal feedback about what went well and what didn’t work out as planned will make the learning effects for all of us even bigger.

Let’s start with our first experience report, – a big thank you goes to Jaypi for sharing her design project with us.

T-shirt with mandala – A birthday present for a friend

Jaypi sent a picture of the t-shirt she created as a gift for her friend some months ago:

Jaypi - t-shirt with mandala - present for a friend
Jaypi – t-shirt with mandala – present for a friend



When Jaypi received the invitation to her friend’s birthday party, she decided that this time she wanted to give something personal as a birthday gift. But she didn’t have much time she could spend with the preparation.

Then, she says, she remembered that she had bought some fabric paints some time ago which she hadn’t used yet. So she went out and bought a nice t-shirt.

She needed only one evening to prepare her unique present.

Jaypi writes in her email that her friend was surprised and excited to get such a personal gift, she immediately put the t-shirt on.

Design idea:

Jaypi decided to draw a mandala pattern on the t-shirt.


She used fabric markers (“Textil painter” from Marabu).


Jaypi copied the mandala from a book by tracing it on a paper which was thin enough to let her follow up all the lines of the pattern with a pencil. She then used a black pen to make the lines stronger.

template for the mandala design

Now she placed another piece of paper on her draft and practiced drawing the lines, especially the curves.

Finally, she slipped her drawing under the front of the t-shirt. Fortunately, the fabric was thin enough to let the lines of the drawing shine through. Having practiced before helped Jaypi to transfer the mandala with the fabric markers on the t-shirt.

She finished her project by adding some pattern around the neckline and the border of one sleeve.


Jaypi says it would have been nice to bring more colour on the shirt but she thinks that is not feasible if only fabric markers are used. Thus, next time she plans to use fabric spray or to create stronger pattern by using liquid fabric paint and a brush.


Dear visitors to Your Colourful Mind,

I hope you enjoyed reading this first report on fabric painting designs.

As soon as you submit your own fabric painting design project, a similarly structured report will be published on your work. So don’t hesitate to send it in!!! 🙂

Please, send images of your design projects and some information about the background and the  materials used and the techniques applied by email to margot@your-colourful-mind.com.



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