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No 6 – Colourful t-shirts as farewell presents for friends

to our second fabric painting experience report on Your Colourful Mind.

We send a big thank you to Jaypi again for sharing another design project with us.

Colourful t-shirts with stripes – Farewell presents for two friends

Jaypi sent two pictures of the t-shirts she designed recently.


Two of Jaypi’s friends told her recently that they will move abroad soon.

Jaypi writes that when she read about my experience with self-painted shirts as a way to relate to far away family members (see Post No 2) she decided to use fabric painting to design two individual t-shirts as  gifts for her moving friends.

She reports that it took her a while to find an idea for the design of the t-shirts. Then she heard about the opportunity to use tape in the process of fabric painting.

She says she is quite happy with the results and hopes that her friends will like them, too.

Design idea:

Jaypi wanted to create colourful designs with spray paint. She didn’t want to allow the different colours to bleed but to keep them properly separated.


She used fabric sprays (“Fashion spray” from Marabu) und two different sizes of general purpose masking tape.


Fixing the tape before she started to spray allowed Jaypi to create a geometric pattern.

t-shirt - Jaypi - using tape to create geometric pattern with stripes
t-shirt – Jaypi – using tape to create geometric pattern with stripes

She also covered the areas adjacent to the one she wanted to spray with some kitchen paper to keep the colour properly separated.

When she had finished spraying all areas she removed all tape and let the colours dry. Then she repeated the process for the back of the t-shirt the same way.


Jaypi says that she first used Scotch transparent tape but the surface of this tape proved to be too slippery: the spray paint drops were not soaked up but run off the tape in areas where the colour shouldn’t go. The general purpose masking tape worked better. It sticks firmly to the fabric and soaks up any spray drops.

Dear visitors to Your Colourful Mind,

I hope you enjoyed reading the second report on fabric painting designs.

As soon as you submit your own fabric painting design, a similarly structured report will be published on your work. 

Please, send images of your design projects and some information about the background and the  materials used and the techniques applied by email to margot@your-colourful-mind.com.



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  1. Hello Margot
    used Jaypi’s technique and brought some color on an old white shirt. will send you a picture. thanks.

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