No 77 – Merry Christmas greetings from Your Colourful Mind, the fabric painting hot spot

Best wishes for a wonderful X’MAS Holiday!

Relax creatively with fabric painting! 🙂

Dear friends of Your Colourful Mind,

Last year I “found” the idea for my Christmas fabric painting project when I wrapped up presents for my family:

The Christmas greeting on the wrapping paper looked so funny that I decided to copy it.

This was the result:

The Christmas fabric painting project 2015 – A freehand drawing/writing project.

Merry Christmas T-shirt - fabric painting design
post 8 – letters with textile marker – colours with thick paint, brush


The Christmas fabric painting project 2016 – A fabric colouring-in project.

This year, I  started to get worried because I didn’t have any clue what kind of project I could do for Christmas.

But I have a huge source of inspiration now: the Pinterest boards that I installed for Your Colourful Mind some time ago.

Whenever I see something interesting on the Internet, I quickly save it on one of the Pinterest boards. And I no longer have to fear, I could lose it or I could no longer being able to find it.

I discovered a picture on the Pinterest board ‘fabric painting ideas’ which I liked very much, a colourful Christmas tree.

So I decided to use it as a template for a freehand drawing which I then wanted to colour-in.

The plan was not trying to copy the template 1:1, but to use it to get started.

Here you see the original picture, and next to it the result of my ‘freehand painting colouring-in’ project:



The Christmas-tree fabric painting – Step-by-Step

My mother likes decorating her place differently every Christmas.

So I thought I could help her out with a new item she could hang on the wall or at the entrance door during the Christmas season.

I took a tea towel, and some round objects which helped me to draw differently sized circles with a pencil. I used a ruler to draw the outlines of the Christmas trees.

fabric-painting-preparing-christmas-tree-freehand-painting-drawing-shapes-with pencil
post77-fabric-painting-preparing-christmas-tree-freehand-painting-drawing-shapes-with pencil

The next step was also easy and very enjoyable:

I chose some fabric paint colours and took a paint brush to colour-in the trees and the circles.


The final step was to handwrite the Christmas greeting.

I used fabric liners and that was not such a good idea, because I touched the writing when it wasn’t dry yet and smeared the paint around.

Maybe I should have taken fabric markers; fabric liners need a person who is prepared to handle them with greater care and patience.

Nevertheless, I like the final result, and hope, my mother will do so, too.



I hope your holidays are filled with festivities and plenty of merry enjoyment,

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