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No 102 – Fabric painting – New book – Order YOUR FREE COPY

Are you looking for new and effective ways to reduce stress and to relax? – FABRIC COLOURING IN could be YOUR SOLUTION! 🙂  

Dear friends of Your Colourful Mind,

In March 2017, I published the first book in my series of fabric-painting guide books, Your fast & easy guide Number 1: The Basics.

I still remember very well how excited I was on the launch day!

Today, I’m very excited again!

My new book, the second in the series of guide books, has just been released! 

It’s called ‘Your fast & easy guide Number 2: Fabric Colouring In’.

Cover book 2 – Fabric Colouring in – Fabric-painting book series









What’s the book about? And what is Fabric Colouring In?

Adult colouring books are very popular because many stressed-out people value colouring in as an easy way to relax.

Fabric painting is also a very relaxing activity but – compared to colouring books – it’s more creative and more productive.

Fabric colouring in – the ‘new’ fabric-painting discipline – combines the benefits of coloring-in books and fabric painting.

It helps you relax and have fun while playing around and creating colourful designs on fabric – without having to have any detailed knowledge or special skills.

While working on the book’s several easy-to-do example projects, you’ll learn how to apply various fabric-painting techniques, simply by experimenting with and exploring the many possibilities of design creation and colouring in on fabric.

How can you download the free eBook or order the paperback

You can easily download the eBookwhich will be for free for a short period of time – or order the paper-book version.

To download the (free) eBook, click on the image above or on this link: http://viewBook.at/FabricPainting-No2. 
Another easy way is: just type ‘margot krekeler’ in Amazon’s search line.

Click here to learn ‘How to order books on Amazon’.

The eBook-version is also available at Barnes&Noble and Kobo.

To order the paperback, CLICK HERE.

How can you give feedback about the book?

As a very new author who’s self-publishing on Amazon, I’m very grateful for any and all feedback my readers send my way.

If you enjoyed reading the book and found it helpful, would you consider posting a short review on Amazon?!

To submit a review, just go to the book’s page on Amazon – CLICK HERE – and in the ‘Customer Review section’ at the bottom of the page click on ‘Write a customer review’. Then write your review and click on ‘Submit’.

I really will find your support invaluable – I consider all my reader reviews and feedback so I can continually improve my book.

Thank you so much!

Enjoy fabric colouring in ! 🙂



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