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No 100 – Your invitation to join the launch team for my new book ‘Fabric Colouring in’

Get a free advance preview copy of my new book, and win great prizes!

Dear friends of Your Colourful Mind,

In March 2017, I published the first book in my series of fabric-painting guide books, Your fast & easy guide Number 1: the Basics.

I’d had it professionally edited, by my very strict editor :), so I knew that any mistakes in the writing, grammar, style and formatting had been corrected before the first readers were holding the books in their hands.

Nevertheless, when the book launch was coming up, I found myself nervously wondering whether all the sections of the book, especially the project descriptions and step-by-step instructions, were clear and understandable – for the the fabric-painting beginner, in particular.

When the first reviews came in and were positive, I was very relieved! From the feedback I’ve received so far, I’ve learnt that my readers think the content is clearly structured and easy to understand.

However, even though the first book went well, I promised myself I wouldn’t launch the next one on my own; instead, I’d ask my readers to get involved and support me even before I published it.

Today I finished writing the second book in the series, Your fast & easy guide Number 2: Fabric Colouring In, and tomorrow my editor will start the editing process.

I’m planning to publish it in either late July or early August

… and I’m contacting you today to invite you to join the launch team for the book.

Think about it:

As a launch-team member, you’ll:

  • receive a free copy of the book, two to four weeks before I publish it
  • be actively involved – and make a huge difference! – by giving me your input and feedback before the book is released
  • have an impact on the book’s success after the release date, by writing a review on Amazon
  • have the chance to win a prize in the raffle I’ll be running at the end of the launch week

I’d be happy to welcome you to the launch team and work with you to make my book better than it’d be if I ‘did it all’ on my own.

To find out more about the launch team and become a member of it, please click on this link: https://www.your-colourful-mind.com/book-launch-team-fabric-colouring-in/ 

Meanwhile, I wish you a good time,



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