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No 83 – Announcement – New series of fabric painting books (not only) for beginners

Relax creatively – Fabric painting – Your fast & easy guides. 

Easy to read on mobile phones, tablets and similar devices!

Dear friends of Your Colourful Mind,

Most of you, the readers and subscribers of Your Colourful Mind’s blog, are experienced fabric painters already.

You know how to paint on fabric and use the posts to get ideas and inspirations for new fabric painting projects.

You also know how relaxing and creative fabric painting is. And how much fun!

However, many people don’t know much about fabric painting and the benefits it offers.

Or they have no idea how to get started.

Fabric painting beginners struggle to get a fast and easy start.

Searching for books on fabric painting

Of course, there are books on the market which are related to fabric painting.

But many of them address only the experienced fabric painter or fabric surface designer and don’t meet the needs and interests of fabric painting beginners.

Several books can be found which explain special painting techniques such as stencilling.

However, often the instructions explain the technique’s application in general, and don’t teach you about the specialties of the application on fabric and apparel items.

Searching for information on fabric painting on the Internet

It is also not easy and very time-consuming to find detailed and reliable information on the internet.

There is no single source of information which focuses exclusively and comprehensively on fabric painting.

That’s what the book series intends to change.


Who is the target audience of the guide books?

The series addresses the needs and interests of fabric painting beginners;

those people

  • who want to get a fast and easy access to the basics and main techniques of painting on fabric;
  • who don’t wish to become world-known artists, but to start with an exciting activity which helps them to relax creatively.

How is the series “Fabric Painting – Your fast & easy guide(s)” structured?

The guide number 1, The basics, is all you need to get started.

It offers a comprehensive collection of immediately usable knowledge about painting on fabrics, including information on:

  • the kind of fabric items you can paint on,
  • the types of available paints, and their main characteristics,
  • the basic equipment, materials and tools,
  • the design idea development process,
  • different fabric painting techniques, such as stamping, stencilling, freehand painting and fabric colouring-in.

The following guides then help you to move on.

Each of the following books concentrates on just one fabric painting technique which allows you to bring your theoretical and practical skills to a higher level.

Leading step-by-step through the different projects, the guides help you to experience and to apply each technique in various ways.

Many photographs and images are included to make every step easy to understand and to follow.

WHEN will the books of the series be published?

Fabric painting - Your easy and fast guide number 1 - The basics
post 83 – Fabric painting – Your easy and fast guide number 1 – The basics












Your fast and easy guide number 1, The basics, is being edited currently and will be published in March 2017.

Fabric painting - Your fast and easy guide number 2 - Stamping

post 83 – Fabric painting – Your fast and easy guide number 2 – Stamping


Your fast & easy guide number 2, Stamping, is nearly finished and will be published soon after guide number 1.

I’ll be publishing guide number 3, Stencilling, later this year, and following it with guide number 4, Freehand painting, and guide number 5, Fabric colouring in.

WHERE will the guide books be published?

The books will be published on Amazon.

In the beginning, they will be available as EBooks, easily accessible and downloadable using the Kindle-App (which is available for free).

You’ll be able to read the books wherever you are!

A special formatting software has been used to make the reading experience on mobile phones and similar devices especially pleasant; you’ll NOT have to zoom in and out all the time! 🙂

It is also planned to offer printed versions of the books soon after they have been published as EBooks.

The easiest way to receive information about the publication dates

and other book-related news is to subscribe to Your Colourful Mind‘s blog. Just click here.



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  1. Angela F. says:

    Hi Margot – very exciting news! Congratulations. Ange F.

  2. Hi Margot,

    I am very keen to see and read your books. Great idea.

    Best Ferdie

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