How to order the books on Amazon

Where can you order the books?

I’m publishing my fabric-painting guide-book series on Amazon, so you can go to the Amazon website to order the books.

(Book Number 2, ‘Fabric Colouring In’, is also available at Barnes&Noble and Kobo.)

 Go to the Amazon book pages:
over book 1 - the basics - fabric painting
Cover book 1 – The Basics – fabric-painting book series
Book Number 1, ‘ The Basics’: Click on the image or on this link:


Cover book 2 – Fabric colouring in – fabric-painting book series









Book Number 2, ‘Fabric Colouring In: Click on the image or on this link:

You can also just search for ‘margot krekeler’ on Amazon.

To order the books,
  • you’ll need to have an Amazon account,
  • and to download and read the books, you’ll be able to use the free Kindle reading app.

If you don’t already have the free Kindle reading app, you can download it easily from the Amazon website as follows:

  • go to the Amazon site and find the free Kindle reading apps under ‘Departments / Kindle eReaders & eBooks / Free reading apps’.

You don’t need a Kindle to order and read the books!

Where can you read the books?


You are of course free to read the print version wherever you want to. The book is not heavy and can easily be carried around.


I used the special e-book format Print Replica to publish the e-books so you could use your mobile phone or tablet to have an especially pleasant reading experience: Conveniently read the text and have a look at the many images without continuously having to zoom in and out!


Relax creatively!