No 85 – How to do Fabric painting – New series of guide books – Background information

WHY I decided to write a series of guide books about fabric painting

Dear subscribers and readers of Your Colourful Mind,

Recently (see post No 83) I informed you about a new series of fabric painting guide books which will be available very soon.

I also described the structure of the series and gave a short summary of the content of the books.

Today I wish to give you some information on the background of the book-publishing project

Why I became a fabric painter

I discovered fabric painting some years ago, when I had a very hectic and demanding job and needed a new and creative way to relax and recover from the stress.

My timely discovery of fabric painting was the start of an enduring fascination with it.

Ever since, I‘ve been using the various fabric-painting techniques to create colourful designs on my clothes and household accessories.

Whenever I’m engaged in this easy-to-do activity, I’m simultaneously creating, relaxing and producing, and enjoying myself immensely.

Why I became a fabric-painting blogger

Having experienced the many pleasures of fabric painting, I can assert that anyone can start practicing and enjoying it immediately.

That’s why I launched the website Your Colourful Mind about a year ago: to help other people active or interested in fabric painting to easily meet and support each other and to share information, knowledge and experiences.

You, the visitors and readers of Your Colourful Mind have made the website/blog a success.

Many of you come around from time to time, again and again. And some of you, the subscribers of the blog, regularly read the posts and make use of the information and fabric painting project ideas they offer.

I thank you very much for your interest and engagement!

And I am, of course, especially grateful to those of you who share their ideas, suggestions and experiences via email with me.

Why I’m now a fabric-painting blogger and book writer

Thanks to your feedback I know that the blog posts usually manage to offer interesting design ideas and useful tips to the more experienced fabric painter.

However, very often, I get asked how and where the absolute beginner can find structured guidance and support enabling him (her) to get easy access into fabric painting and the different techniques.

So far, I couldn’t give an answer to this kind of questions.

I’m struggling, too, to find a single source of information which focuses exclusively and comprehensively on fabric painting.

That’s why I decided to start writing a series of guide books on fabric painting.

The series addresses the needs and interests of fabric painting beginners;

those people

  • who want to get a fast and easy access to the basics and main techniques of painting on fabric;
  • who don’t wish to become world-known artists, but to start with an exciting activity which helps them to relax creatively.

Currently, I am having a lot of fun transferring the fabric-painting experiences and expertise I gained from my personal projects to this series of guide books, which I hope many other people find helpful in becoming fascinated and relaxed fabric painters too.

When will the first books of the series be available?
over book 1 - the basics - fabric painting
over book 1 – the basics – fabric painting

Your fast and easy guide number 1, The basics, is being edited currently and will be published in March 2013.







Your fast & easy guide number 2, Fabric Colouring In, is nearly finished and will be published soon after guide number 1.

I’ll be publishing guide number 3, Stamping, later this year, and following it with guide number 4, Stencilling, and guide number 5, Freehand painting.




over book 1 - the basics - fabric painting
over book 1 – the basics – fabric painting

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  1. Margot madam hats off to u

  2. Mrs susan mathew says:

    Could you please send a fabric painting book and before that please let me know the cost of the bok my address is given below Susan Mathew ,kalapurail house chef u Vera lane ,cheenivila, kallayam po,Trivandrum, kerala

    1. Hi there,

      and thanks a lot for your interest in the free step-by-step stamping tutorial.

      The tutorial is offered FOR FREE to the subscribers of my blog.

      Thus, please subscribe to the blog first, and then I will send the tutorial to you!

      To subscribe to the blog:
      At the top of this page, right side, you’ll see ‘Sign up to the blog’.
      Type in your email address and click on the pink-coloured line below.
      You’ll get an email asking you to confirm the subscription. Please, confirm.
      That’s it! ?
      And very soon afterwards, you’ll find the tutorial in your inbox.

      With best regards,


  3. Rani Mathew says:

    very good leisure time entertainment programmr

  4. Hi Margot, fantastic and I will have a look into it over the weekend. It is exciting.

    Best Ferdie

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