fabric painting - t-shirt with self-made geometric patterns

No 39 – Fabric painting design contribution – How easy it is to start with fabric painting!

Dear friends of Your Colourful Mind,

Is it difficult to start with fabric painting?

In his comment (07.04.16) on post No 33  Andy assumed that it is difficult to start with fabric painting.

But he believed it to be more interesting than adult colouring books and decided to give fabric painting a try.

I am very happy that he also decided to share his “start-up-experience” with us! 🙂

Instead of adult colouring books:

Fabric painting starter project – Designing geometric patterns and colouring them in

Andy writes in his email (24.04.16): “I bought a blank t-shirt and a red and a black fabric pen. Decided to go for geometric patterns. Used a ruler. Then I started to color in some of the geometric shapes. Soon realized that using fabric pens for coloring the larger areas took too long. I got some black acrylic paint from my sister, mixed it with medium she recommended. And colored the black areas with brush and paint. Result: like my t-shirt! Design process was fun. But: you need enough space/a working area to work with paint.”

Fabric painting - preparation of geometric pattern
post 39 – fabric painting – design contribution – Andy – preparation of geometric pattern
fabric painting - comparing results of fabric marker and fabric paint
post 39 – fabric painting – design contribution – Andy – comparing colouring-in with fabric marker and with paint and paintbrush
fabric painting - t-shirt with self-made geometric patterns
post 39 – fabric painting – t-shirt – design contribution – Andy – self-made geometric patterns, coloured-in with fabric marker (red) and fabric paint (black)

Andy doesn’t explicitly say in his email that starting with fabric painting was easier than he had assumed. Nevertheless, he said it was fun, and I trust that he now agrees with me on this:

It is astonishingly easy to start with fabric painting!

And it’s easy to have a lot of fun while creating our very first designs!

Imagine, Andy just sat down, took a fabric marker and a ruler, and started to draw on his t-shirt! He didn’t have any templates or other supporting tools. And very soon, he had created a great geometric pattern which he then could colour-in. That’s impressive, isn’t it?

And Andy also used his first project to gain

some first-hand fabric painting learning points:

  • Fabric markers are great for drawing and outlining purposes. And we can also use them to colour-in smaller areas. But they are not ideal if we wish to colour bigger areas on our fabric items.
  • Paint brushes and fabric paint make it easy to colour in the bigger shapes and parts of our designs/illustrations.
  • If we wish to draw and paint on bigger fabric items, we should organize a large enough working area where we can leave our piece of work between different phases of the projects or while we wait for the paint to dry.

Thanks a lot for sharing your work and your experience with us, Andy!

We can hope that Andy’s contribution encourages further sharing of first-hand fabric painting experiences. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “No 39 – Fabric painting design contribution – How easy it is to start with fabric painting!”

  1. Hi Margot,

    Andy3 looks stunning.

    Best, Ferdie

  2. Thanks for publishing my project images on the website.
    Enjoyed the project. I think I continue painting on fabric. Might send more images.

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