No 50 – Series: Fabric Painting Techniques – Broad overview

How to get some structure into our understanding of fabric painting techniques

Dear friends of Your Colourful Mind,

Recently (see Post No 48), we had a closer look at what has happened here, at our fabric painting meeting point, so far.

And then we compiled a

List of the different series of projects and learning areas we plan to focus on from now on:
  • Series: Fabric painting techniques
  • Series: Fabric painting supplies
  • Series: Fabric painting suppliers
  • Series: Learning effects from fabric painting projects
  • Series: Guest posts on fabric painting issues
  • Series: Fabric painting design contributions
  • Series: Fabric painting design ideas, and Fabric Colouring-in Design ideas
  • Series: Background & diverse information on fabric painting

It is not planned to follow a special order while working on the different series. We wish to remain flexible and able to react quickly to any interesting upcoming topic.

We will always assign our posts to one of our series which should help us to remain organized, – we will know which topic we are currently focusing on.


Today we focus on Fabric Painting Techniques

As we saw in post No 5 already, the range of fabric painting techniques is actually limitless, – it is impossible to compile a list which includes ALL practicable ways and methods we could use to bring colour onto fabric or apparel items.

Knowing this is nice because we can feel sure that we can enjoy experimenting with different techniques without having to fear it could become boring after a while.

But having countless ways of painting on fabrics at our disposal can also be confusing. It can even make us feel overwhelmed or intimidated because it’s not easy to decide which option to choose or where to start and how to move on.

A broad overview of fabric painting techniques & equipment

The following table should be understood as a suggestion how we could get some order and structure into our understanding of fabric painting techniques.


table overview fabric painting


The starting point of our overview are the two basic categories of fabric painting techniques:

Dry and wet techniques.

Our decision for one of them – which has to be made at the beginning of any fabric painting project – has consequences:

  • It defines which kind of fabric paints we could/should use.
  • It defines the range of options we have for choosing application methods and tools, thus it determines which techniques can be applied in our project, and which can’t.


The three little dots at the end of each list above are meant to make clear that always only a few example items are listed, and that many more exist which could and should be added, depending on the kind of project we are working on.

Although the table’s content is definitely not comprehensive, it should make it easier for us in future to clearly describe which basic and which subordinate techniques are/were applied in our fabric painting projects.

One of our next posts will refer to the Series Fabric Painting Supplies and will offer some basic information on the different fabric paints and their main characteristics.

After that, we plan to come back to the Series Fabric Painting Techniques and to have a closer look at the main attributes of the dry and wet techniques. We will use some fabric painting projects to compare the differences in a practical way.


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I am very grateful for this feedback, and completely understand your request.

From now on, we will publish just one post per week and see how that works out for everyone. 

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Have fun with your fabric painting projects, and share images of the results with us :),

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  1. Hi Margot, I signed up some weeks ago. I find most posts interesting and inspiring. And no, I don’t thing that 2 posts in a week is too much. but sure, other people see it differently.

  2. Hi Margot,

    now that you post only once a week, I am even more curious to get some new ideas and your new works.

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