No 35 – Fabric painting resources – tutorials, websites, blogs and books

Dear visitors of Your Colourful Mind,

Where can we find useful information and helpful tips around fabric painting?

As we get more involved in fabric painting and colouring-in design projects, we typically become more curious and motivated to increase our knowledge.

Soon we realize how huge the amount of information and knowledge, of potential support and inspiration is, – especially on the Internet.

And widely spread! 🙁

It is not easy to get an overview, –

there is no worldwide directory of fabric painting knowledge and information sources!

Often we rather accidentally find interesting websites or books, and we might miss out a lot of useful resources because we don’t know about their existence or where to find them.

Let’s change this! Let’s compile

our treasure chest of fabric painting resources

which should contain, for example:

  • PDF-downloads of the templates we so far have used in our fabric colouring-in design projects
  • Links to useful websites, blogs and videos on the internet
  • Lists of interesting books and other publications on fabric painting
  • Links to adult colouring-in pages and webpages

We have to start from scratch and can only move forward step by step. Therefore, there isn’t much available right now (Have a look at our resources directory, click here) and there will not be much more available very soon.  🙂  🙁

But I am sure that we will grow our directory over time and develop it into a valuable asset for every fabric painter.


Please, contribute and add your favourite links and resources!

Send your contributions to our directory to

Thanks for sharing!

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4 thoughts on “No 35 – Fabric painting resources – tutorials, websites, blogs and books”

  1. Elisa Heart says:

    have just visited your pinterest boards. Great! Thank you.

  2. Hello Margot
    I am not on Pinterest yet. But great that I can visit your boards on Pinterest. Good idea to collect tutorials. thank you. TC

  3. brigitte lange says:

    mir gefällt die Idee, Infos und Tips und Webseiten-links usw. zu sammeln. Man verliert so viel Zeit beim Suchen im Internet. Ich schicke demnächst mal links die ich viel nutze.
    Ihre Pinterest-Boards sind ein toller Anfang.
    Viele Grüsse,
    B Lange

  4. Hi Margot,

    super! Now you are going world-wide. Would be great to see the different approaches from different cultures.

    Best, Ferdie

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