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No 10 – Fabric painting networking – Some new fabric painting design contributions

Dear visitors,
Welcome to the first post of the year 2016 here, at your fabric painting meeting point!

Your Colourful Minis very young and has the potential to grow a lot in 2016! 🙂

The idea to create an online meeting point for fabric painters came up in the middle of 2015. It then took some time to develop the necessary technical knowledge before end of November 2015 the website could be launched and the first post was published.

This means that now, only some weeks later, the website has just done its wobbly first steps and has still to develop a clear direction and identity.

Thus, 2016 will be an exciting year for Your Colourful Mind!

  • It will bring a lot of experimenting, and trial and error,
  • and the development of new ideas and projects;
  • new contacts will come up and relationships be built;
  • it can be expected that problems will have to be solved
  • and answers to many questions must and will be found.

The growth and development of Your Colourful Mind depend on us and our engagement,

  • on me, as the facilitator of the site and the initiator and co-author of the blog,
  • and on you, as the visitors of the site, the contributors to its content, and the members of its community/network.

As nobody can contribute to something he doesn’t know about, it’s my most important job now to make Your Colourful Min well known, – especially well known to everyone who is interested in fabric painting.

As always, I am grateful for any suggestions and tips from your side! How can I make Your Colourful Minwell known? 🙂

Fabric painting design contribution 

Today I am very grateful to Jaypi who – on the first day of this year – sent an email with some more fabric painting design contributions.

Thank you very much, Jaypi, and I hope that you will continue to participate in the development of Your Colourful Mind in such an engaged way!

Jaypi writes: “Hi Margot, thanks for your many inspirations and descriptions of fabric painting projects. I worked with some of your ideas: I did some spraying and stencilling on shopping and shoe bags and designed a t-shirt which found a lot of applause at the New Year’s Eve party yesterday. So far, I had a lot of fun with my fabric painting projects. I am looking forward to getting further suggestions from your website. Cheers, Jaypi.” (01.01.16)

Planning next week

One of the objectives  of Your Colourful Mind is to become a central location where comprehensive information and knowledge about fabric painting is being collected and can easily be shared.

Post No 5 started our “Series B – Fabric painting techniques”  with an overview of techniques and materials.

We will continue this series with some basic recommendations you might wish to consider before your start fabric painting.

We plan, for example, to talk about the different types of fabric suitable for fabric painting project. (See Post No 12 and No 15)

We will also start to collect to collect suggestions about different ways of finding design ideas for our projects. (See Post No 18)

I wish you a good time,


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  1. Dear Margot,

    the networking idea is a great one. Looking forward to some exiting suggestions. Ferdi

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