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No 95 – Fabric painting – Is it your thing? – Give it a try!

Download the FREE STAMPING-TUTORIAL and enjoy the warm-up project! It’s so easy to do!

Dear friends of Your Colourful Mind,

Yes, fabric painting is a very creative, relaxing and productive activity.

But is it YOUR thing?

Is there a chance that you too will find fabric painting a fascinating and relaxing activity?

You’re the only person who can answer this question, of course.

The best way to find out is to give fabric painting a try. 🙂

Get started with a little fun-project

Fabric stamping is a very flexible technique and working on this little fun-project – which doesn’t need much preparation and equipment – will help you to get a fast and easy access into fabric painting.

This tutorial gives you an easy start. – And it’s for free!

CLICK HERE (or on the image) to get YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD!


Expect more to come!

This is just the first in a series of fabric stamping tutorial downloads.

And they are all free for the subscribers of YOUR COLOURFUL MIND’s newsletter. 🙂

Now it’s time to start your fabric-painting project! Follow the easy instructions in the tutorial and have fun!

And don’t forget to send images of your work – we could publish them in one of the next blog posts (Send the images via email to

Enjoy yourself,




One thought on “No 95 – Fabric painting – Is it your thing? – Give it a try!”

  1. Gerd Obertopp says:

    Hi Margot,

    great and look forward to more to come.

    best Ferdie

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