No 64 – Fabric Painting Design & Techniques – Gallery of project images reorganized at Your Colourful Mind

Project Images Gallery – Now it’s easy to find project examples of different fabric painting techniques

Dear friends of Your Colourful Mind,

Nine months ago we launched our website and blog Your Colourful Mind. We have published more than 60 posts since then, many of them presenting images of our fabric painting projects.

So far, we collected and sorted our project images into three different albums within our Gallery:

Why we had to renovate our Gallery of fabric painting project images

During the past weeks, I got emails and blog-comments from some of our regular visitors, asking for more detailed information about different fabric painting techniques and for some guidance on how to apply them: detailed tutorials or check-lists and other background information.

I am glad about any feedback from your side and take it always very seriously. Thus I am thinking about how we can better deliver what you expect from Your Colourful Mind.

Most projects presented in our posts are not success-proven procedures but experiments with unforeseeable results. And, yes, many of them do end up with results which differ from what we had expected before we started the project. 🙂  🙁

The creativeness of  Your Colourful Minis based on Learning-by-doing

Here, at Your Colourful Mind, unexpected effects and results are positive features of our projects, failures and strange outcomes are welcome.

Anything that doesn’t go according to our planning supports our learning and helps to understand the fabric painting tools, materials and procedures better.

The project presentations, therefore, can’t be seen as professional instructions from an experienced fabric painter.

How can we integrate profound project assistance and check-lists in Your Colourful Mind?

A quick solution is not an option; we just have to start working on this and will progress over time.

A very first step has been done already, the Gallery of our images has been reorganized recently and now offers better access to a deeper understanding of fabric painting techniques.

The reorganized Gallery offers the following additional albums of our project images, each focusing on one fabric painting technique:

So, we don’t have detailed tutorials on offer at the moment, 🙁 , but it’s easy now to find project ideas by strolling through the painting techniques’ albums 🙂 .

And we plan to start publishing a series of tutorials soon. Promised!

Do you have a special fabric painting technique in mind you would like to learn more about? Please, send your ideas and suggestions for our how-to-do-series to

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Many thanks again to all of you who sent in their feedback already, it will help to improve Your Colourful Mind and the fabric painting abilities of all of us.


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  1. Hi Margot,

    I like the reorganized Gallery. Well-done.

    Best Ferdi

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