white shirt, fabric spray used with tape

No 13 – Fabric painting design contribution: stenciling with tape

Dear readers of Your Colourful Mind,
Today we send a big thank you to Albert for contributing images of two of his fabric painting projects.

Albert writes in his email (21.01.16) that he felt inspired by Jaypi’s report on the t-shirts (post No 6) which she coloured with fabric spray after having stenciled some pattern with the help of tape.

He says, “It seemed to be a good project to start with. I used the technique to bring some color to an old white shirt. My wife liked the result so much that I colored one of her t-shirts, too.”

white shirt, fabric spray used with tape
post 13 – white shirt, stencilled with tape, then coloured with fabric spray
fabric painting on white t-shirt, fabric spray
post 13 – white t-shirt, sprayed with fabric spray, stencilled with tape
What do you think about his work?

I really like Albert’s designs!

Admiring his pepped-up shirt, I asked myself why I hadn’t ever done any fabric painting on male clothes. So far, I  have only painted apparel fabrics for myself, my sisters, my mother and some of my girlfriends.

I checked my husband’s wardrobe and took one of his older sport t-shirts to experiment with. And we both like the result 🙂

fabric painting - fabric spray and tape stencil on white t-shirt
post 13 – white old shirt pepped up with fabric spray, stencilled with tape

After this first success, I decided to continue brightening up old white shirts/t-shirts with fabric spray and tape.

Actually, it’s great fun and more creative than expected to decide where and how to stick the tape on the fabric, creating different geometric pattern. And using different colours of fabric spray can produce additional design effects.

Please, don’t hesitate to send images of your own fabric painting projects.

The benefits of sharing our experiences with different fabric painting techniques are

  • that we can learn from each other and
  • that we get inspired and develop new ideas for our fabric painting projects.

Enjoy the week,

signature - Margot

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5 thoughts on “No 13 – Fabric painting design contribution: stenciling with tape”

  1. AnitaTodd says:

    I like that you focus on how to brighten up or embellish old stuff. Instead of spending money on new garments.
    Can I use my acrylic paints for fabric painting.

    1. Hi Anita,
      yes, you don’t have to buy new paint, you can use your acrylic paints for fabric painting. Just buy some fabric medium because it allows to turn acrylic paint into fabric paint.On their own, acrylics are not flexible enough, they remain stiff. They might even crack and finally peel off the fabric.
      I am curious to hear how this works out for you! Have fun!

  2. Dear Margot,

    I like post 13. It looks great.

    Best Ferdie

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