fabric painting, drawings on t-shirt, then sprayed

No 14 – Fabric painting design contribution: fabric spray on t-shirt with drawings

Dear readers of Your Colourful Mind
Yesterday I received a new design contribution, this time from Hilda, – Thanks a lot, Hilda!!!

Hilda writes in her email about her fabric painting project and her experience with fabric spray,

“Referring to my comment on your post no. 11 I send a picture of a t-shirt I painted some time ago. I didn’t like it. Now I bought black fabric spraying paint and used it on the shirt. The shirt looks better now.

But the drawings which I had done with a fabric marker nearly disappeared. A big disadvantage of fabric spray!?! How do you handle this?

Cheers, Hilda”

fabric painting, drawings on t-shirt, then sprayed
post 14 – t-shirt – drawings with fabric markers, later sprayed with fabric spray

I like the design of Hilda’s t-shirt and especially the drawings on it. But, yes, after the spraying the lines aren’t any longer very visible.

This is my email-answer to Hilda (today) with my thoughts on fabric markers, fabric liners and paint brushes:

“Dear Hilda, thank you so much for sending the image of your t-shirt. I really appreciate that you share your experience with us.

The drawings on your t-shirt are very special!

I can still see the lines but I don’t know how your t-shirt looked before you sprayed it. Probably the lines were much more visible?

My experience with fabric markers is similar. I tried different brands and, sure, there are quality differences between them.

But it is typical for all fabric markers that the lines are not so bold and strong and that the colour fades a bit after some washings.

But markers are very useful to transfer a design idea on the fabric. Then the lines can be re-done with a small paint brush.

I also often use a fabric liner (a little bottle with paint which you directly lead over the fabric while squeezing it). But with those, I have to accept that it’s difficult to do the lines/drawings very accurately. If you squeeze a little bit stronger the line immediately becomes thicker or you even might smudge it. (I don’t mind because I don’t have very accurate design ideas on my mind when I start a painting project.)  

I assume that for designs as yours the best idea is to use thin/small paint brushes to draw stronger lines.

I would be great to hear from your future experiences again, Hilda! 🙂

Take care, Margot”  

In one of the next posts, we will discuss different types of paint and of painting tools.

(For more information on paints, see Posts No 52, 55, and 57).

Fabric markers are one of the many tools we can use to transfer or create a design on the fabric. As anything, they have their advantages, but, sure, they also have some disadvantages.

If you have made your own experiences with fabric markers, – please contribute to the discussion, and send a comment or email!


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