fabric painting - t-shirt - fruit stamping

No 49 – Series: Fabric painting design contribution – Stamping – Fruit stamping with apple on t-shirt

We don’t have to work hard to create our own stamps! Let’s just look around in the kitchen!

Dear friends of Your Colourful Mind,

Last time we discussed our upcoming projects and our list included a series we started some time ago:

Series of YOUR fabric painting design contributions.

In Post No 4 we presented the very first contribution from a visitor at Your Colourful Mind, it was Jaypi’s mandala-t-shirt which she had created as a friend’s birthday gift.

Since then, Jaypi hasn’t stopped experimenting with different fabric painting techniques. And, luckily, she always shared her experiences and the results of her projects with us (posts No 6, No 10, No 37 and No 45).

Fruit stamping

is the latest technique Jaypi has been working with. Thanks to her email we are able to have a look at the result of her recent project:

fabric painting - t-shirt - fruit stamping
post 49 – fabric painting – design contribution – Jaypi – t-shirt – fruit stamping with apple and thick paints

Jaypi writes (email 03.06.16),

From time to time, I go through the boards on your Pinterest page. It really helps in finding new ideas for fabric painting projects.

I have never worked with stamps so far; I don’t like buying them – that’s too easy -, but I also don’t want to put much effort in creating my own stamps. Also, I don’t have the tools at home, for example, to carve a stamp from a rubber eraser.

Then I found some images of fruit stamps on your Pinterest board “fabric painting – stamping”. I thought that must be easy, – and it is easy!

I used some red and blue fabric paint left from recent projects and applied them with a paintbrush on the half of an apple. Really easy! And fun!”

I wish to send a very big THANK YOU to Jaypi! I am always excited when I get an email from you, Jaypi. 🙂 Please, continue sharing your work with us!

After having read Jaypi’s email I had a look at the Pinterest board “fabric painting – stamping” myself and actually was surprised about the many pins we’ve collected already!

And fruit stamping definitely is one of the easiest stamping techniques!

I am wondering which other fruits or vegetables could be suitable fabric painting stamps.

It must be fun to experiment with different items we find in the kitchen. And nothing used in a project would be wasted because, as soon as the project is finished, the fruits or veggies still can be eaten (after cutting off a slice to eliminate the paint). 🙂

Do you have any experiences with fruit stamping? Share them with us and send images of your projects to margot@your-colourful-mind.com. Thank you!

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I wish you a good time,

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3 thoughts on “No 49 – Series: Fabric painting design contribution – Stamping – Fruit stamping with apple on t-shirt”

  1. have never thought about using fruits and stuff as stamps, good idea, plan to do something with the kids

  2. Hi Margot,

    another great idea – fruit stamping. What comes next? It must be hard to always come up with new initiatives?

    Best Ferdie

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