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No 45 – Fabric painting design contribution – Creating your own “fashion trends” – Example: free-hand flower painting

Yes, YOU can be a FASHION DESIGNER! – Use fabric painting to create your own fashion trends! 🙂

Dear friends of Your Colourful Mind,
We will soon finish our series of projects around the comparison of fabric painting and adult colouring books:
  • The series started with the discussion of some easier ways of design creation, such as tracing (post No 33), stencilling (post No 34) and stamping (post No 36).
  • We then continued with a focus on freehand drawing and painting. So far, we have used our “geometric patterns approach” to have some guidance in the development of our freehand drawing capabilities (posts No 41, No 42, No 43 and No 44).
  • Next time (post No 46), at the end of the series, we plan to present some “real” freehand drawing projects where patterns or illustrations are created without any supporting tool or theme.

Thus, it’s really great how nicely the latest design contribution fits into our timetable!

Some days ago, Jaypi sent in pictures of her latest project:

Free-hand flower painting on women’s apparel

In the past, Jaypi preferred to work with tape and fabric spray to create unique designs on t-shirts (see posts No 6, No 10 and No 37). But our discussion of the pros and cons of adult colouring books and fabric painting has animated her to try something new.

Jaypi writes in her email (19.05.16), “Since I was a child, I never again felt any interest in colouring-in books. And I still think that’s not the right hobby for me. But my flower-project was fun. As soon as I had started drawing, I got very absorbed into the process, and focused and concentrated. I found it difficult to stop! And I liked the simple and clear design. So I decided to continue to work on my first t-shirt, I completed the front, and then I also did the back of the shirt.”

Jaypi continues, “Then I went and bought some more t-shirts and a jacket and continued “flowering”.

This is a very good example of the relaxing benefits of fabric painting!

It is easy to see how Jaypi got “pulled” into her flower-project, how she “got into the flow” (Wikipedia: ‘complete absorption in what one does’)!

Jaypi adds, “Finally, I had to finish my series of flower shirts. But that might not be the end of the story. I am thinking about colouring-in the flowers. I am not sure: Should I use fabric paint or continue with fabric markers?”

To answer Jaypi’s question: I would recommend to use a paint brush and fabric paints to colour-in the flowers on the shirts and the jacket. Using fabric markers is possible, of course, but they might get used up too quickly as the areas to be coloured are not very small.

I am very curious to hear how Jaypi will decide on this. And I hope she will send us a picture to share her decision with us!

Using fabric painting to create our own fashion trends

Besides the flow-effect, :), Jaypi’s project delivers another – very real and usable – outcome: the nicely designed t-shirts which can be combined and worn together with the jacket, – all having the same design!

And it will be interesting to see which kind of further development Jaypi’s newly created fashion trend will take: Will she colour-in the flowers? Or will she apply fabric spray on all items of her “fashion line”?

To be honest, I have never thought about creating my own “fashion collection”. So far, I have only created individual pieces.

But I can imagine that it is even more fun to design a range of clothes – let’s say a pair of jeans and a jeans jacket –  in the same style.

We should follow up this idea in future!

Would do you think about it? Please, let us know if you already have created collections of fabric items. Send images of YOUR WORK to margot@your-colourful-mind.com.

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Thanks again to Jaypi, 

and Cheers to everyone,

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  1. Hi Margot, I look forward to the ‘real” examples. Best Ferdie

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