The idea behind Your Colourful Mind

Fabric painting

is about designing your own fashion and fabric items:

Using different paints and tools to bring colour, pattern and/or images on T-shirts, shirts, shoes, caps and other clothes, or on cushions, napkins, tablecloths and other fabrics.

The pros of fabric painting

  • Fabric painting can be very satisfying and relaxing, it is a creative and productive activity.
  • The results of this activity are unique products, – fabrics and clothing items with individual designs. We can wear/use them ourselves or give them as very personal gifts to others.
  • And fabric painting is an easy-to-do activity. You don’t need any experience, or talent, or training, – everyone can start it and will over time develop different techniques and a personal style.

The cons of fabric painting

  • Many people don’t know much about fabric painting, and others have no idea how to get started.
  • And it is not easy to find the materials needed: the paints, brushes and other equipment. Searching craft shops and online shops takes time and each retailer offers only a limited range of products and brands.
  • And there is no central place where you can get information and learn about the different techniques and tools which can be used to create individual designs.
  • Also, – fabric painting can be a very lonely activity, – not everyone wants to enroll in classes or has friends around who share that passion.

Fabric painting and Your Colourful Mind

The objective of  Your Colourful Minis to offer one central location for fabric painters,

  • where we can meet and get to know each other, 
  • where information and motivation can be found, 
  • where techniques, materials and tools can be discussed, 
  • and where personal experiences and skills can be shared.
When will we meet YOU at Your Colourful Mind, the fabric painting hot spot?

Let’s get in contact!

2 thoughts on “The idea behind Your Colourful Mind”

  1. aisha abdulkadir says:

    Where will I get workshop or toturial for fabric painting.

    1. Hi Aisha,
      it’s my experience, too, that it is not so easy to find workshops or tutorials for fabric painting. Fromm time to time, there is something offered on the internet, but mostly very specialized courses focusing on one area of fabric painting.
      The difficulty of finding good knowledge resources for fabric painting beginners (books, workshops, websites, etc.) was one of the reasons why I started the website and blog Your Colourful Mind.
      As I am getting inquiries such as yours again and again, I decided to write a book for fabric painting beginners. The book will be structured like a tutorial, it will contain many project descriptions, step-by-step instructions, supply lists, etc. It will also contain many pictures and illustrations. It will be an eBook and I plan to make it very mobile-friendly, so that you will be able to read it wherever you are. The book will be published around end of January 2017. I will inform you about the exact date in the blog.
      Best wishes from Margot

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