About the fabric-painting book series

What’s the purpose of this series of fabric-painting guide books?

Many people don’t know much about fabric painting or its benefits, and others have no idea how to get started at it.

Of course, there are fabric-painting books on the market, but in many of them, the author addresses the experienced fabric painter or fabric-surface designer and doesn’t meet the needs or interests of people who are new to fabric painting.

Several books are available in which the author describes special painting techniques such as stencilling. However, he or she usually gives only very general instructions how to apply the technique and doesn’t teach you how to master the application’s specialties in order to create designs on fabric and clothing items.

Also, you’ll find it difficult and very time consuming if you go online to find the detailed and reliable information you need. The Internet has no single source of information in which the focus is exclusively and comprehensively on fabric painting.

The result is that fabric-painting beginners struggle to start their new activity quickly and easily.
And that’s the situation I intend to change by publishing this book series!

What is the structure of the book series?

Cover book 1 - 'Look inside' - Fabric-painting book series
Cover book 1 – ‘Look inside’ – Fabric-painting book series









The first book, The Basics, contains all the information a fabric-painting beginner needs in order to get started. The discussion is about the basics of fabric painting and includes a practical introduction to different techniques.

Click on this link to have a ‘Look Inside” the book on Amazon: http://viewBook.at/FabricPainting-No1 . 

Cover book 2 - 'Look inside' - Fabric-painting book series
Cover book 2 – ‘Look inside’ – Fabric-painting book series









The second book, Fabric Colouring In, offers you even more opportunities to play around with the different fabric painting techniques.

Click on this link to have a ‘Look Inside” the book on Amazon: http://viewBook.at/FabricPainting-No2

The other guide books then help you to move on

In each book, I focus on only one fabric-painting technique to enable you to take your theoretical and practical skills to a higher level.

  • Guide number 3, Stamping, will be launched in Octover 2017.
  • A little bit later, I’ll be publishing guide number 4, Stencilling,
  • and following it with guide number 5, Freehand painting,

The easiest way to learn about the books’ publication dates is to

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Stay tuned, and enjoy your journey through the fabric-painting landscape!

Relax creatively!