About book number 2 – ‘Fabric Colouring In’

Are you looking for new and effective ways to reduce stress and to relax?


But what is fabric colouring in? – You’ll find the answer in this book:

Relax creatively – Fabric painting – Your fast & easy guide Number 2 – Fabric Colouring In

The book is the second in a series of guide books I have written to help you quickly and easily access the techniques involved in fabric painting.

Cover book 2 – fabric colouring in – fabric-painting book series









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The book wants to help you relax and have fun while playing around and creating colourful designs on fabric – without having to have any detailed knowledge or special skills.

While working on the book’s several easy-to-do example projects, you’ll learn how to apply various fabric-painting techniques, simply by experimenting with and exploring the many possibilities of design creation and colouring in on fabric.

Relax creatively with fabric painting! And have fun!

Relax creatively!