About book number 1 – ‘The Basics’

A relaxing activity … Creativity and mindfulness … A productive process … Unique designs …

These are just some of the terms that can be used to articulate the benefits of fabric painting.

And fabric painting is easy to do – you don’t need any special talent or qualification to create colourful and unique designs on clothing and other fabric items.

Relax creatively – Fabric painting – Your fast & easy guide Number 1 – The Basics

This book, ‘The Basics’, is the first in a series of guide books I have written to help you quickly and easily access the techniques involved in fabric painting.

It contains all information a beginner needs to get started.

cover book 1 - the basics - fabric painting
cover book 1 – the basics – fabric-painting book series









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Right from the start, the focus is on doing, experimenting and experiencing. You both get active and your hands dirty. 🙂

When you’ve finished reading the book, you’ll have a good feeling for what fabric painting is and how you’ve responded to it.

I am confident that by that point you’ll be ‘hooked’ on the activity; you’ll feel relieved in knowing you’re able to actively relax with fabric painting whenever you’re stressed.

Relax creatively with fabric painting! And have fun!

Relax creatively!